"One Of A Kind" Creations

Sometimes I like to create.  I'm not the best, but I try really hard.

This collection features all my projects that are unique in quality and quantity. They are just projects that I create when I get a new leather in to test it out or I try a new design all together for a bag, wallet or other piece.

Sometimes they turn out amazing and I decide to put them into a more permanent collection.  Sometimes not.

This is ALSO a collection where I call out my imperfections... not every project comes out perfect and I don't believe it should.  Leatherworking is trial and error, and sometimes I forget things in my process that affects the outcome of the piece. Sometimes my fat fingers smudge some dye or paint, or my awl scratches the otherwise perfect piece.

But the piece is still usable and shouldn't go to waste - if you can handle a slight smudge here or there (that I believe will buff out in time), you'll get a quality piece for a great price.